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How to Apply Eye Makeup Properly

How to Apply Eye Makeup Properly

Applying makeup correctly requires more than just applying cosmetics to various places of the face. Paint or sculpt, makeup is an art. To apply faultless makeup, you need to know about colors, what works well together, what products to use, and how to utilize the correct cosmetic equipment.

Playing with makeup can be enjoyable after you understand the basics of makeup application. If you are skilled enough, you can even give yourself a painless facelift! While contouring is useful, mastering eye makeup is more important.

Perfect Eye Makeup

If you master the basics of applying eye makeup, you’ll be able to achieve the looks you desire! The following are a few things to bear in mind when applying eye makeup:


Get the Right Equipment

To succeed in any endeavor, you need the correct tools. In order for your makeup to appear its best, you need to use the appropriate sponges and brushes.

Your eye makeup brush kit should include a soft and fluffy brush to blend your eye shadow colors, and an even smaller brush to apply your eye shadow colors, an angle to line your eyes, as well as a smudge brush.

Collect the Best Items

Product selection is as crucial to the selection of the correct tools. A concealer, eye shadow kit, eyeliner, and mascara are all you need to get started with eye makeup. If you like a more dramatic look, you can also purchase artificial lashes.

The eye shadow kit you choose should have at least three tones of the same hue. This can help you prevent a two-dimensional effect in your eye makeup.

Prime Your Lids

Art and makeup both appear better when they are created from a blank canvas. Getting the eyelids ready for the colors is a crucial part of the process. Eyeshadow base primers exist, but your regular concealer works just as well! ‘

Applying a base will ensure that your eyeshadow will stand out on the canvas you have chosen. The concealer should be dabbed on, not rubbed into the skin. When applying concealer, you can use a blending brush to smooth out the makeup and avoid a hard line at the end.

All About the Base

Use a blending brush to dip into the lightest of the three colors you’ve chosen to work with. The foundation of your makeup will be this shade. Almost any look can be started with a natural taupe tone as a foundation.

Remove the extra powder by tapping your brush on the side of the beautiful palette. Use a light hand while applying this color to your lids. Apply the color all the way to your brow bone for a dramatic effect.


When it comes to applying your makeup, blending is a technique that can either make or destroy it. Eye makeup that looks unkempt and sloppy is most likely because it hasn’t been blended thoroughly. Your eyeshadow will look softer and more natural if you mix it, creating a gradual transition between the hues you apply.

Keep the bristles at a gentle distance from the skin when blending. Instead, use light and feathery strokes while blending, and avoid slathering on the paint.

Defining the Crease

Defining your crease will open up your eyes and make them appear larger. Dip the flat brush into the medium shade. Apply this to the crease, where your eyelid and brow bone meet. Don’t blend this color past the crease of your eyelids.

Eyeshadow application for hooded eyes is different. Blend in the medium shade slightly above the crease, keeping your eyes open. When hooded eyes are open, any shadow applied to the lid’s center is invisible. In this way, the color is higher and apparent even while the eyes are open. This procedure creates an artificial wrinkle above the natural one to raise the eyes and make them appear larger. It will also give you more lid room to work on. Blend this color until you can’t tell where the light and medium shades meet. Don’t worry if you over-blend and the color disappears! Just add additional color and mix.

Define Eye Shape

Dip your angled brush into the deepest color you chose. Then, using the angled brush, create a V-shaped line from the lash line to the outer crease. Making the line too dark is better than eliminating color if it is too dark. If you’re having difficulties adjusting the angle, use a pencil or tape to guide your hand. The tape or pencil should be placed from the outside corner of your eye to the tapering end of your brow.

Lower Lip Color

Color your bottom lid with the medium shade by using a little flat brush. Stay as near to your lash line as you possibly can. Get rid of any hard lines by mixing with a little blending brush. You can save time by applying your lower lash line with an eyeliner pencil. A smudge brush is then used to smear it.


You don’t need a unique eye shadow color to give your eyes a little oomph. You can use a standard highlighter for this stage. Place some of the pigment behind your brow bone and in the inner corner of your eyes with the help of your pencil brush. If you do this, you’ll not only make your eyes stand out, but you’ll also appear more rested and awake. Soften any rough edges by blending them in.

Making the Final Cut

Apply eyeliner and mascara to complete your appearance after you’ve applied your eye shadow. You may achieve an easy appearance by drawing your eyeliner close to your lash line. Make your eyes appear longer and more sultry by drawing on eyeliner wings. Finally, you may finish off your eye makeup by using mascara or using artificial lashes.


Modify your makeup. Try out the items and see how they feel and look on your skin. It takes practice to become familiar with your makeup products and procedures. Practice blending in various ways, such as circular motions or back and forth like a windshield wiper. It’s recommended to start with lighter tints and work your way up.

After learning the basics of makeup, you can progress to more dramatic looks suitable for big occasions or nights out. Apply a sparkly eyeshadow and liquid eyeliner to frame those stunning eyes for a stronger, saltier night appearance.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with different eye makeup looks! Using the aforementioned tips, you will always have immaculate eye makeup.


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