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Brain-training effective exercises for children 

Brain-training effective exercises for children 
Brain Gym Exercises KIDS

Like any other type of exercise, brain exercises entail basic tasks and actions that must be performed. These activities enhance your child’s hearing, eyes, head, limbs, and general body coordination. They include simple movements that help in areas like

  • Memory
  • Concentration
  • Coordination
  • Academics
  • Organizational skills
  • Attitude
  • Self-responsibility
  • Relationships

Although it is unclear why and how they work, many parents and users report remarkable benefits in all of the aforementioned areas.


  • Sharpens and improves your child’s intelligence.
  • Self-esteem and confidence are raised in your child.
  • Improves immunity and healing in your youngster.
  • Enhances visual acuity
  • Enhances their ability to think creatively.
  • Improves their ability to communicate.


Exercises for the Brain that are both effective and simple that your child should learn:

Double Doodle

This is a bilateral sketching practice in which your youngster creates two images using both of his or her hands at once. This aids in the development of a variety of abilities such as acquiring spelling correctness, writing and symbol identification, math, and so on.

Cross Crawls

During this activity, your youngster will progressively transfer their left arm from their left leg to their right leg. Your child’s mental coordination and attentiveness will improve as a result of the gradual movement. It can assist them in releasing stress and improving their ability to concentrate on their studies.

Lazy Eight’s

This activity needs your child to draw the figure eight either on a piece of paper or in the air using their hands, depending on their ability. This helps to loosen the muscles in his arms and wrists, as well as stimulate the creative side of his or her personality. It also helps with eye muscle coordination and peripheral vision, which are both important for good eyesight.

The Elephant

Allow your youngster to stretch their hands and position them near to their ear on the same side as they are now on. After that, instruct them to draw the sign of infinity with their extended hand at least three times, and then instruct them to do the same with the other hand. This enhances your child’s mental and physical balance, as well as his or her ability to listen to words appropriately.

Active Arm

In this activity, your youngster must stretch one arm while holding the other arm at a straight angle in order to keep the extended arm in the proper place. This not only enhances the strength of your child’s upper body but also improves the coordination of his or her hands and eyes.

The Owl

Allow your child to sit comfortably and place one of his or her hands on the shoulder opposite him or her. He or she should be able to maintain a steady grip on the hand and pinch the shoulder around the trapezius muscle, before slowly turning the head towards the shoulder and taking a deep breath. This helps to boost your child’s blood circulation, as well as his or her memory and attention span.

Gravitational Glider

Make your child sit up straight in a chair and then ask him or her to stretch his or her legs out in front of you. Allow him or her to cross his or her right leg over his or her left ankle. After that, instruct him or her to take a big breath and bend forward to reach the feet on his or her own. This increases the flow of blood and oxygen to your child’s body while also stretching his or her hamstring.

The Thinking Cap

Using their thumb and index finger, your youngster must hold both of their ears in place while rotating the outer piece of their ear back and forth many times. Short-term memory, hearing, and peripheral vision of your youngster will all improve as a result of this.

Earth Buttons

Allow your kid to stand or comfortably sit down and lay the palm of their right hand on their lips, and the palm of their left hand on their navel, as shown in the picture. After that, let your youngster massage both of his hands together in little circular motions in their respective locations. This increases your child’s mental attentiveness and helps them to become more aware of their entire body.

Hook Ups

For this exercise, ask your infant to perform one of three things: stand up, sit down, or lay down. Allow your child to cross their left ankle over their right ankle and then place their hands on their chest with their fingers entwined and take a deep breath. This allows your child’s mind and body to relax, thereby lowering his or her stress levels.

So go ahead and encourage your child to be one of the brightest students in their class by engaging them in these simple brain gym activities.


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