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The advantages of pregnancy massage treatment

The advantages of pregnancy massage treatment
Pregnancy massage

Prenatal massage is a method that massage therapists who are properly educated to treat pregnant women can utilize. Pregnancy massage is a sort of massage that employs Swedish massage methods to calm the entire body. Obstetric massage has several health advantages. Among the many health advantages are:

Pain relief.

Many pregnant women endure sciatica discomfort, especially in the latter trimester. Their uterus lies on the lower back and pelvic floor muscles. When this happens, the pressure causes swelling in the upper and lower leg muscles. Prenatal massage providers in Melbourne can assist moms to relieve muscle stress in adjacent muscles. Massage helps pregnant women avoid sciatic nerve discomfort.

Reduces joint swelling.

Swelling is called edema. It occurs often during pregnancy due to poor circulation and increased blood vessel pressure. Deep tissue massage is advised for pregnant women to activate soft tissues and reduce fluid accumulation in swollen joints. Massage can also help the lymph system eliminate waste from the body.

Sleep quality is improved.

Deep tissue massage promotes the generation of melatonin and serotonin in the body. As a result, individuals’ sleep patterns are adjusted. When a pregnant lady has a massage, the quality of her sleep increases, resulting in a positive overall effect on the body.

Reduces tension and anxiety.

Cortisol is dubbed the “stress hormone.” When a pregnant woman is exposed to massage treatment as part of her prenatal care, her cortisol level drastically decreases. This provides her with the opportunity to experience beneficial hormones that have been shown to increase happiness, vigor, and immunity.

Muscle soreness alleviated.

Additionally, pregnant women frequently feel muscular soreness and cramps. These symptoms are often caused by muscle tension and increased motor neuron activity. These might be significantly decreased with the assistance of a practitioner skilled in pregnancy massage in Melbourne.

Reduces the risk of preterm delivery.

Pregnant moms who had prenatal massage treatment on a regular basis had a lower risk of having a preterm delivery than women who did not receive a massage during their pregnancy.

Reduces the stress hormones

Apart from assisting the pregnant woman, massage also helps to reduce the baby’s stress hormones. Massage has been demonstrated to be critical in boosting the baby’s cortisol levels while they are still within their mother’s womb. As a result, it is reasonable to conclude that moms are not the only ones who benefit from pregnant massage.

How to Pick a Prenatal Masseuse

After your doctor’s clearance, you may start looking for prenatal massage therapists.
To guarantee a safe and beneficial session, ask a potential therapist:

  • Is a prenatal massage expert (you can look up the therapist online to ensure the person is licensed in massage and certified to provide massage during pregnancy)
  • Provides a clean environment
  • Uses essential oils that are safe during pregnancy (such as basil and clary sage)
  • Uses approved pregnant massage treatments

Pregnancy Massage Tips

Having a great prenatal massage experience begins with getting your doctor’s approval and finding a trained therapist.

  • Leave your insecurities at the door. If you’re worried about your pregnant body, remember that massage therapists are impartial and there to help you feel your best.
  • Speak. Tell your therapist if particular portions of your body make you uncomfortable. No one should be forced to do something that makes them feel uncomfortable.
  • Pre- and post-massage hydration Hydration is crucial, but it may also assist drain pollutants.
  • Avoid arranging more than weekly appointments. The standard advice is one prenatal massage per week, but you should discuss this with your doctor.

Safety Factors

Experts disagree on some aspects of prenatal massage safety. Here are some crucial points to bear in mind.

The First Trimester

Getting a massage during the first trimester of pregnancy may cause miscarriage, say specialists. Many massage therapists are concerned that the increased blood flow during a massage may increase the chance of miscarriage.
There aren’t enough studies to prove massage treatment is safe throughout the first trimester. So, before obtaining a prenatal massage in the early stages of your pregnancy, see your OB/GYN.

Massaging Certain Pressure Points

Experts say that massaging particular pressure spots in the body might cause labor. So, a pregnant woman’s doctor must authorize the pregnancy massage treatments (particularly during the first trimester).

Pregnancy Modifications

Prenatal massage is created for pregnant women, yet pregnancy is not the same for everyone. Each person’s symptoms will need to be considered, and adaptations may be made to make the massage safe and pleasurable.

Morning sickness

According to the American Massage Therapy Association, massage may help lessen morning sickness nausea. Technique modifications to handle nausea include raising the upper body and avoiding rocking or shaking strokes.


Maintaining an inclined posture may help avoid reflux (a common condition during pregnancy). Propping up the region under the belly might help relax the gastric sphincter (the area in the stomach where reflux occurs).

Varicose veins

Massage shouldn’t be done on varicose veins since they might produce clots. Avoid rubbing the legs if they are swollen or show indications of varicose veins.

Blood clots

Pregnancy raises blood volume and slows blood flow. Anticoagulant levels naturally rise to prevent hemorrhage during and after childbirth.
The circulatory alterations increase the danger of blood clots. Pressure and deep tissue massage may cause a blood clot to dislodge and cause pregnancy difficulties.
So no deep tissue massage, acupressure, shiatsu, or percussive tapping on the lower extremities.
The abdomen is seldom touched during a prenatal massage.


A prenatal massage can help relax your body and mind throughout your pregnancy, but you should see your doctor beforehand. Some illnesses and settings make getting a massage while pregnant risky.

Once your doctor has approved it, choose a prenatal massage registered massage therapist. Call your insurance carrier before booking an appointment to see what it covers.