Home Skin Care Stretch marks have a variety of causes.

Stretch marks have a variety of causes.

Stretch marks have a variety of causes.
Stretch marks

What comes to mind when you hear the term stretch marks? Almost certainly, you’re thinking of pregnancy. Pregnancy is the most frequent cause of stretch marks—medically referred to as striae—which often appear on the tummy and breasts. However, did you know that stretch marks are quite prevalent and may form on anybody, including children? Discover what stretch marks are, why they occur, and what strategies you can do to minimize their appearance.

Stretch marks are caused by skin stretching and a rise in corticosteroid levels. The adrenal glands naturally create cortisone. Too much of this hormone might cause skin elasticity loss.

Stretch marks occur in several situations:

Expansion of the Skin

Stretch marks are caused mostly by the expansion of the skin. Stretch marks are caused by either rapid weight gain or rapid weight decrease. Increased cortisol levels can lead to the development of stretch marks on the body’s surface.


Stretch marks on specific places of the body are common among pregnant women, and they are also perfectly natural during this time. They are not painful, however, they might create irritation on the skin if they are present.

Changes in Hormones

Excessive estrogen in the body can cause stretch marks to appear on the skin’s surface. In some cases, stretch marks caused by hormonal changes can disappear on their own over time, but in others, you will need to see your doctor for correct treatment.

Some medicinal creams

Corticosteroid lotions and ointments are available over-the-counter, but excessive usage can weaken the skin’s connective tissue. Stretch marks result. Ask your pharmacist how to use a corticosteroid cream or ointment. Oral corticosteroids, such as prednisone, can have the same effect. Cushing’s disease is one hereditary disorder that can cause this form of scarring.

Teenage growth

Children grow rapidly, outgrowing their garments weeks after purchase. After infancy, the most rapid and dramatic growth surge occurs during adolescence. Stretch marks result from rapid skin stretching during growth spurts. Similarly, sudden weight loss or increase causes the skin to stretch or shrink to match the new body form. Bodybuilders may get stretch marks due to the rapid changes in their bodies during training and recovery. Stretch marks are influenced by genetics and skin type. You’re more likely to have stretch marks if your relatives do.


Stretch marks appear when your body develops at an abnormally rapid rate for whatever cause. Your skin is unable to keep up with the demands. You may get stretch marks because of:

  1. Elasticity is increased by collagen.
  2. If your skin lacks enough elasticity, the markings may appear.
  3. Obesity increases (this affects both men and women)
  4. Growth surges in puberty. Assure them that this is normal and that childhood marking will vanish with age.
  5. Breast implants
  6. Even people with little fat can have their muscles bulging.
  7. High levels of hormones from steroid medicines or Cushing’s syndrome

Stretch marks should be prevented.

There are several home treatments that claim to be effective in preventing or eliminating stretch marks. Unfortunately, because the markings are actually scars, there aren’t any genuinely efficient techniques to prevent them other than refraining from gaining or losing considerable amounts of weight in the first place. After looking at several home cures, researchers discovered that there was little success with any of the therapies. Almond oil, cocoa butter, olive oil, and vitamin E are all common home remedies that can be applied directly to the skin. Some studies, on the other hand, believe that products containing the herb Centella or hyaluronic acid—an acid naturally present in the skin—could be beneficial.