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how to boost your baby’s brain

how to boost your baby’s brain

Stimulating your baby’s brain development is an important component of providing the finest start in life for your newborn. Here are a few everyday activities that will benefit your child’s brain growth.

Know about her own body

When she’s reading, playing, or even diapering, stroke her tummy and hair with your fingers. It has been demonstrated that newborns who are not frequently handled have smaller brains than typical for their age, and connecting with her in a close-up setting helps concentrate her attention to your words.

Make meals cheerful.

As your baby eats, call out the names of the foods he or she is eating. It is important to express your delight as he learns to feed himself, no matter how clumsy the first few tries are. This will help to develop positive associations between mealtime and food consumption. Combative behavior and nagging about eating, on the other hand, can result in undesirable brain patterns.

Massage her body.

This can help to reduce your infant’s stress levels while simultaneously increasing her emotions of well-being and emotional security. Research has revealed that loving touches can even help premature newborns grow faster. Premature babies who are massaged three times daily are ready to leave the hospital days earlier than premature kids who do not receive massages.

Play hand games.

Patty-cake, peekaboo, this little piggy, and even puppets are great ways to engage and catch your baby’s attention while you’re away. In addition to showing young children how we physically interact with our surroundings, hands-on activities are simply more enjoyable for both of you to participate in.


The sensory experience provided by soothing water can aid in the development of the brain. In order to optimize vital skin-to-skin contact with your newborn, climb into the tub with him or her as an added bonding bonus.


Introducing diverse scents to your kid might be a pleasant method to encourage the development of his or her brain. Experiment with applying lavender lotion during a nightly massage or taking a stroll around the garden to take in the scents.



When you go on a walk, your infant can see so much, explains Shaw. Name the sky, trees, and birds, and explain the rhythm of the diverse terrain you’re on: “This sidewalk is bumpy” and “The road is smooth.” If your stroller can face you, your baby can see your mouth as you form words, which helps her learn to talk. New parents want to give their infant the best start in life, and engaging their baby’s brain is an important part of that. Here are some simple activities that promote your child’s growth.