How to control sugar cravings?

How many times have you returned home from the grocery store with a bag full of sugary snacks that you had no intention of purchasing?

Sugar, as we all know, is quite difficult to stay away from. In order to prevent destroying all of your hard work, you need to find a way to combat sugar cravings. Here are some suggestions to consider that may help you regain control and keep your sweet cravings under control.

Hydrate well

Besides relieving your thirst, drinking water consistently also helps to full you up, making you less likely to reach for that additional food. Rather than reaching for a sugar fix, consider sipping on a glass of water before you do. To see if your cravings have subsided, wait 15 minutes. When water just isn’t cutting it, try a cup of green tea or herbal tea. Alternatively, you may like to experiment with one of our flavor water recipes.

Eat regularly.

Even if we believe we want something sweet, sometimes all we need is something to fill our stomachs and give us the energy to function. This is especially true if you are skipping meals, which is a bad habit that makes it harder to maintain a healthy weight. When your blood sugar levels are low, you’re more likely to make a bad dietary choice.

Control stress and mood

The more anxious or dissatisfied we are, the more probable it is that we will give in to our sweet tooth. Emotional eating can lead to a vicious cycle of overeating when we eat foods that make us feel bad. As a result, regulating your sugar cravings can be achieved by taking steps to reduce your stress and improve your mood. Sleeping well and getting some exercise are two ways to lessen stress. People that care about you can also be a good source of support and encouragement.

Prefer quality over quantity

When you’re attempting to limit your sugar cravings, you don’t have to completely give up on sugar. As long as you’re comfortable with your decision, there’s no need to fully deprive yourself of the pleasure of your favorite sweet meals. You should only indulge in desserts that you actually adore. Avoid settling for anything less than a truly exceptional experience. If I’m going to indulge in dessert, I prefer to go for something modest and pricey. That way, I’m unable to eat it mindlessly, and I like it much more as a result.

Limit your sugar intake

Out of sight, out of mind when it comes to sugar cravings. We eat sweets out of habit or convenience. We buy those foods and keep them in our desk drawer or cupboard. Making sweet meals difficult while making healthier ones accessible is one of the best methods to change these habits.

Identify your sugar cravings and attempt to remove them. For an iced coffee in the morning, avoid routes that pass a shop or vending machine. If you find yourself reaching for sugary snacks while watching TV, keep pre-cut carrot sticks and dip them in the fridge as a healthier alternative. Or busy your hands with something else like crocheting or folding laundry. Getting your friends and family onboard can help you battle your sugar cravings. Consider substituting an afternoon stroll for your afternoon coffee and cake, and urge your loved ones to refrain from bringing sweets as gifts.

Give yourself a break.

We recognize sweet meals as a reward for good behavior or a job well done. This makes it difficult to resist sugar cravings after a long day at work, a night of intense study, or a 2-hour gym session. Sadly, these ‘rewards’ often become everyday habits, increasing our sugar intake.

When you deserve a reward, try something other than food. The ultimate treat is one that makes you happy now and afterward. Take a long bath, watch a TV show, or contact your best buddy to celebrate. When it comes to food, choose something you won’t regret. Adding a little sweetness to a healthy diet is a guilt-free reward. I like to sprinkle flaked almonds and crushed amaretto biscuits over a small bowl of berry-flavored yogurt. Yum! Or raisin toast with ricotta and honey.

Be active but have fun!

Personally, I find that exercise makes me crave healthier things. Nothing beats a huge fresh salad, some grainy bread, and grilled chicken or fish after a long climb. If you’re like me, a day on the couch means grabbing for the chocolates. If you’re desiring something sweet after a long day at work, try going for a brief walk or run.

Physical activity is important for weight management, but don’t reward yourself with sweet foods. People who like physical activity are less inclined to compensate with unhealthy snacks, according to research. Pick a workout program that you enjoy to help lessen the temptation to add a sugary treat. Go for a run while listening to your favorite podcast or take a gorgeous bike ride with a friend.

Distract yourself

When you are faced with the desire to reach for the chocolate, one of the most effective ways to resist is to engage in another activity that will keep you physically active while also occupying your thoughts. It can be especially beneficial to do something that you enjoy doing so that you are less likely to avoid doing it altogether.

Shop with awareness

How many times have you returned home from the grocery store with a bag full of sugary snacks that you had no intention of purchasing? We’ve all been there, so you’re not alone in your feelings. The power of advertising is undeniable, and sometimes those half-price discounts on mint slices are just too tempting to pass up at the end of a long day at the office.

Preserve healthy snacks

It’s pointless to try to rid your home of sugary foods if you don’t have something equally delicious, nutritious, and convenient to replace them with. You will be less inclined to seek out a sugar fix as a result of this strategy. A snack that contains a high concentration of protein will keep you fuller for longer than a sweet snack, and it will prevent you from feeling the urge to graze excessively during the afternoon.


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