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What Kinds of Data Do We Collect?

Depending on the nature of your connection with our Services, we obtain information from or about you.

We use the information you provide us.
You can give us information in a variety of ways, including:

Using our Products and registering/signing up for our Services. Your name, email address, physical address, birth date, gender, zip/city, marital status, other location information (when using products that are not available in all geographies), and health information (diagnosis, when you were diagnosed, medications you’re taking, or the type of care you’re looking for). We may also collect information about the actions you take while signed into your account or the information you supply when using a product, such as arranging medical treatment. Accounts may be used for quick checkout, saving preferences, selecting areas of interest, and seeing transaction history. We gather and utilize this data because we have a business requirement to deliver account-related functions to our users.

Information that you upload on the Services.

When you give or publish information to our Services, such as your username, comments, likes, interests, status, photographs, and references to your online presence, we may collect Personal Information from you. We may use your information for our own purposes and/or make it available to others upon your request.

You give information on people.

You may occasionally share information about others, such as referring a friend to a newsletter. We may use your information to provide our Services to the individuals you refer.

Please provide feedback/support. If you give us with comments or contact us for assistance, we may collect your name and email address, as well as any other information you offer us, in order to respond. The reason for collecting and using your information is that we have a commercial need to hear and respond to your comments or complaints.

A mailing list is a list of people who have agreed to receive information from you. We gather your email address and/or postal address when you join up for one of our mailing lists. We have a commercial need to communicate information about our products or services, thus we gather and use this data.

Lead Forms and Order Processing When you use our lead and order forms on our Services, we gather information. Your name, email address, phone number, billing address, shipping address, and payment information may be included (e.g., credit card number). Furthermore, these forms may seek information particular to your request, such as vehicle make and model for auto insurance, military service for secondary school, or other information sought by one of our business clients. The objective of collecting and using this data is to undertake actions related with a contract to supply you with products or services.

Promotion of partners. We gather whatever information you choose to share as part of a campaign with another firm. The gathering and use of this data is motivated by a commercial necessity to fulfill our promotions.

Surveys and quizzes are two types of questionnaires. When you take part in a survey or quiz, we gather the information you offer in the survey or quiz. If it is supplied by a third-party service provider, the privacy policies of that third party apply to the collection, use, and dissemination of your information. We have a business need to understand your opinions and collect information relevant to our organization, so we collect and use this data. We use your responses to personalize your onsite and email experiences, and if you consent, we use your responses to provide you with personalized advertising and partner offers.

Sweepstakes or competitions When you choose to enter a sweepstakes or contest, we gather information about you, including contact information so that we can tell you if you are chosen. The reason for collecting and using your information is that we have a business necessity to run the contest or sweepstakes. In some cases, we are also obligated by law to gather information on people who join our sweepstakes, and we have a commercial interest in doing so.

Apps: From time to time, the Apps in our Services may request to send you push notifications in order to keep you up to speed on any events or promotions that we may be running. The Apps may also request permission to access your camera and images. If you no longer want to receive these sorts of communications, or if you previously consented for the application to access your camera and photographs and now don’t want them to, you may turn them off at the device level. We will need to gather some information about your device, such as the operating system and user identity information, to guarantee you receive correct alerts.

Data pertaining to employment (directly from you). When you apply for a job with Healthline, a Red Ventures Company, we collect information that is required to process your application or maintain you as an employee. This may include your résumé or CV, Social Security number, and any other information you supply throughout the application and recruitment process. The goal of collecting is to assist us in matching you to vacant jobs, facilitating the recruiting process, and carrying out our employment contract or the anticipation of employment with you.

We collect information about you.

We may automatically gather information when you use our Services, such as:

Interoperability of e-mail. If you get an email from us, we may use technologies to collect data about when you view it, click on any links or advertisements it includes, and make purchases. We have a commercial requirement to understand how you interact with our messages to you and respect your requests based on our communications, such as unsubscribe, thus we collect and utilize this data.

Devices for mobile use (such as phones, tablets, and other digital media streaming devices).

When you visit one of our Services, we may collect information from your Mobile Device, such as unique identifying information broadcast from your device. We have a commercial requirement to identify unique visitors and understand how people engage with us on their devices, which is why we collect and utilize this data.

Interactions with websites We employ technology to learn how you interact with our website (e.g., session replay). This might include the links you click on or the information you provide into our online forms. This information may also contain information about your device or browser. We have a commercial need to understand how you interact with our website in order to enhance it, and we also need to understand your preferences and interests in order to choose services that you would find most useful. We also have a commercial requirement to safeguard our services and detect and prevent fraud.

Data on location. We may ask for your permission to gather your location data when you use some of our Services. Some aspects of our Services (for example, location-based offers for a nearby medical office or pharmacy) may need confirmation of your location, and so such services may be unavailable if you opt not to share your location data. The precision of the location data may be affected by a number of things, including the device you are using and how you connect to the Internet. If you allow location services for our Services, we may gather location data from you on a regular basis when you use or leave our Services open. Depending on the platform you use to access our Applications (e.g., Apple’s iOS, Google’s Android), you may be able to control whether location data is collected using your device’s controls.

Generally speaking, cookies. We and our service providers, as well as other businesses who collect information on our pages, may automatically collect or receive certain information associated with you and/or your device(s) as part of your use of the Services via device-based tracking technologies such as cookies, pixels, tags, beacons, scripts, or other similar tracking technology (collectively “Cookie”). We gather and utilize this data because we have a commercial requirement to make our website run smoothly, present you with diverse online experiences, and give you with the possibility to store your preferences such as login and preferred language. For further details, please see our Cookie Policy.

Cookies are used for advertising purposes. Some of our Services utilize behavior-based advertising, which means that technology (for example, a Cookie) is used to gather information about your use of our Services in order to present advertisements about products and services customized to your interests on our Services or on other websites. We have a commercial requirement to engage in behavior-based advertising and gather analytics on our Services, which is why we collect and utilize this data. We may collect geolocation data, such as (a) information identifying the specific location of your mobile device (when you choose to enable an App or Service to collect this) and (b) your IP address, which may be used to determine your approximate latitude and longitude.