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Way to prevention the child obesity

Way to prevention the child obesity
Prevention of child obesity

We all like baby fat. But finding fat rolls under your child’s arm or back is cause for alarm as it indicates obesity. Obesity among children is rising alarmingly in India. Obesity is the most common chronic childhood disease, causing diabetes, hypertension, and other co-morbid disorders, according to the Obesity Foundation of India. Poor eating habits (about 20% of overweight children are fat due to excessive calorie intake from liquids), lack of physical activity, and inherited disorders all contribute to the growth in juvenile obesity.

Why not help your kid lose weight? There is no easy path, especially with children. So that the child does not feel singled out, adjustments in lifestyle and diet should be implemented throughout the family.

Here are four ways to help your child reduce weight:

Encourage physical activity

Walking, jogging, biking, and roller-skating are all examples of aerobic activities that might help your youngster burn calories. Other strategies to encourage your child to be active include using the stairs rather than the elevator and walking with him/her to conduct errands or pay tuition.


Maintain a balanced diet

Three small meals and two little snacks will keep your youngster from becoming too hungry and binge-eating later in the day. Make certain that it contains a sufficient amount of veggies and fruits (serve whole fruit instead of fruit juice, as the fiber in fruits is very helpful). Instead of chips, low-fat snacks such as popcorn should be available around the house.


Change family’s diet

Avoid eating in front of the television. You can all concentrate on the food because there are no interruptions, and it is doubtful that anyone will overeat.


Encourage his success

This can serve as a motivator for your child to keep on track. In the case of your child abstaining from coca-cola use for a week, reward him or her with a favorite activity or tiny item. Food should not be used as a reward for your child.
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