These simple tips can keep your lips from cracking

Cold air can dry out our lips. Exfoliating with a lip scrub once or twice a day might help.
Lip care

Winter skin issues are real, and one of them is dry, chapped lips. The cold winter weather dries out your lips, leaving them chapped, flaky, slit, painful, etc. Winter lip care and the usage of hydrating lip creams can shield your lips from the cold weather’s fury. The harsh winter winds may have made your lips chapped and dry, but that doesn’t mean you can’t wear your favorite lipstick or obtain a selfie-worthy pout till spring. Na-uh!

Here are some techniques to keep your lips warm in the winter. A little more care and the correct products may cure dry, flaky, or chapped lips. Let us help you with some amazing winter lip care suggestions and a winter lip care package to keep your pout smooth and picture-perfect. Here are five winter lip care suggestions and three must-have lip products to keep your lips smooth, nourished, and healthy. These simple tips can keep your lips from dryness:

Regular lip balm use

Winter lip care is all about keeping your lips nourished. So, how? By frequently using a hydrating lip balm. Winter air dries out your lips, making them dry and chapped. Providing sufficient nutrition and hydration is crucial to keeping them healthy and happy even in the coldest months. Apply a large amount of lip balm and finish with lipstick before going out. Yes! Lipstick helps protect lips against dry air, smog, and grime. Also, bring lip balm in your luggage and reapply whenever your lips feel dry.

Avoid licking your lips

When your lips are dry and parched, licking them seems to help. However, it exacerbates the dryness and should be avoided. The air causes the saliva to evaporate faster, leaving your lips feeling drier. Because saliva enzymes dry out your lips and hurt the sensitive skin. Apply lip balm to dry lips to moisturize them. Also, avoid touching your lips needlessly since bacteria and germs from your hands might infect your lips.

Don’t peel

It’s normal to want to peel or pick at your chapped lips, but it’s not advised. Avoid scraping or picking at flaky skin on your lips to avoid scabs and sores. Peeling lips can cause blisters and splits, which are not only ugly but also quite unpleasant. Keep your hands to yourself and avoid picking at your lips. Instead, use lip oil or ointment immediately.

Heal your lips with petroleum jelly

Winter skin disorders include cracked lips, dry skin, slits, and cold sores. It’s critical to treat cracked and chapped lips correctly to avoid further skin issues. Avoid forcefully washing or brushing peeling or cracked lips. Infection and, worse, lip sores might result. Use Vaseline Original Pure Skin Jelly to treat and hydrate cracked lips. A lip balm containing ointment or natural components helps relieve winter lip troubles. With genuine aloe vera extracts, Vaseline Aloe Soothe Lip Care soothes and heals your lips while providing deep hydration.

More water

It’s true that you’ve heard this advice before. Even if it’s not hot outside, your body still needs water. Getting your regular dosage of H20 is good for your skin, lips, and general wellbeing. Get a glass/aluminum water bottle and remain hydrated throughout the day.

Remove Dead Skin

Cold air can dry out our lips. Exfoliating with a lip scrub once or twice a day might help. Many lip scrubs are available in stores and online, but if you have time, you can create your own. Applying the lip scrub first thing in the morning helps prepare your lips for the day. Using a scrub after brushing your teeth at night might help remove dead skin from your lips. Apply scrub with a clean toothbrush to sensitive lips. Use Intrinsics 12-ply gauze to gently abrade lips.

Don’t forget to wear sunblock

If you’re going to go outside, opt for a lip balm with SPF included,” recommends the physician.

Lipsticks, particularly matte and liquid lipsticks, are known to have a high concentration of chemicals that are drying on the lips. In order to avoid having dry lips, it is recommended that you clean and moisturize your lips before using such lipsticks. This will help to reduce the appearance of lip wrinkles while also keeping your lips smooth and supple in appearance.