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The cause of the blink in your eyes

The cause of the blink in your eyes

The act of blinking is something we all do so frequently that we don’t even realize we’re doing it at the moment. As a result, when we become aware that we are blinking more frequently than usual, it can be a little disconcerting to notice. The likelihood that everyone may suffer periods of excessive blinking from time to time is high, therefore it is important to understand what it is that is causing your eyes to clean themselves by blinking more than normal. Blinking too much is produced by overstimulating the blinking reflex in our eyes, and while it is usually innocuous, it can indicate the presence of certain eye disorders.


Blepharospasm is an eye disorder that causes fast and involuntary blinking due to aberrant nerve activation. This means the ocular muscles spasm randomly. This illness affects adults aged 50 to 70 and has varying degrees of severity. Blepharospasm is commonly associated with other involuntary facial motions such as eye-rolling or grimacing.

Allergies and hay fever

If your eyes feel itchy or dry under particular situations, you may be allergic to something. From cat or other animal hair to dust particles or even peanuts, this can be a problem. Many people get irritated eyes in the spring and summer when pollen counts are higher.


Contact lenses are a popular choice for people who dislike wearing glasses all day. Contact lenses might dry out your eyes depending on your environment. If you work in a brightly lighted office with dry air, your contact lenses will need more moisture to stay wet. So your blinking reflex may be triggered, making you blink more. Airplane travel can have a similar effect on your eyes due to the usage of air conditioning. In a dry environment, drink plenty of water to keep your eyes moist.


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