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Some sex phobias are making our sex lives stressful.

Some sex phobias are making our sex lives stressful.
Fear of sex

Although sexuality is a totally normal and pleasurable aspect of life, we all know that it can be stressful enough without the added burden of having a phobia of it. In reality, there are several irrational concerns associated with sexuality. Here are 10 of the craziest sexual phobias:

Heterophobia: This is the dread of the opposing sex, men are afraid of women and women are afraid of males, etc. This has absolutely nothing to do with sexual orientation; heterosexuals can be both sexually attracted to and terrified of the opposite sex at the same time.

Parthenophobia: As odd as it may sound, Parthenophobia is an irrational dread of virgins and young females that can manifest itself in many ways. It’s more frequent in men than in women, and guys who suffer from this phobia find it very hard to be sexually attracted to a woman who has never had sexual relations with another person.

Androphobia: Androphobia is a fear of males that is similar to Venustraphobia in that it is the polar opposite of it. Not only handsome guys, but the entire masculine gender is under attack. While it is conceivable that the anxiety is triggered by an unjustified prior encounter with a man, it is also possible that the dread is triggered for no apparent cause at all.

Menophobia: Menstrual anxiety, as the name implies, is a fear of getting your period. While women who have this phobia are terrified of their own menstrual cycle, panicking while they are bleeding, males who have this fear are terrified of the sight of period blood or of a woman they know who is menstruating at that time.

Anuptaphobia: This dread is extremely widespread among individuals; the only difference is that most people are unaware that it has a legitimate name. Anuptaphobia is the dread of being unmarried for the rest of one’s life. Many men and women are concerned that they will be alone for the rest of their lives as a result of their previous experiences with unhealthy relationships.

Tocophobia: Tocophobia is the dread of becoming pregnant as well as the fear of giving birth to a child that has nothing to do with a woman’s maternal instinct. Women who suffer from this phobia have a difficult time conceiving since the anxiety prevents them from having a sexually fulfilling relationship.

Eurotophobia or Kolopophobia is a dread of female genitalia that affects both men and women. Eurotophobia shows itself differently in each individual; some people are repelled just by the thought of female genital organs, while others are repulsed only when they are aroused.

Erotophobia: While Erotophobia is sometimes used as an umbrella term for all types of fears associated with sexuality, the dread of any item, act, or person associated with sex is the most fundamental definition. People who suffer from this phobia are terrified and/or uncomfortable even with the mere mention of sex or anything sexual in nature.

Genophobia: This is characterized by a physical and/or psychological aversion to sexual contact. Men and women who suffer from this phobia are terrified of having sexual relations, and even if they are eager to get personal, they never proceed beyond kissing and hugging.

Oneirogmophobia: Wet dreams are uncontrollable, but many people fear them. Oneirogmophobia is the dread of experiencing wet dreams, which can disrupt a person’s sleep cycle.

Overcome the sex phobia
Overcome the sex phobia

Don’t attempt to learn from pornography. Most porn is unrealistic and does not prepare you for actual sex. Isn’t an interactive app better than a book? Brightfire’s latest app Explore Women’s Sex (available on iTunes). It reveals the female sexual anatomy. For example, the clitoris is discussed in-depth, as is the G-spot. Remember to take things slowly and not assume you need to know everything before you start.
Learn how to boost your confidence and reduce your anxiety. Having a caring spouse who is as thrilled to start this world of exploration with you as you are is also vital.
When you’re ready to inform someone you’re a virgin, they should be polite and excited to share the beautiful world of sex with you. Remember that even if it isn’t their first time, it is still their first time with you.

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