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Several techniques for making a room appear larger.

Several techniques for making a room appear larger.

Trying to pack everything into a small space might feel claustrophobic and stressful. It takes conscious effort to avoid this. How to make a small room appear larger, whether in a dorm or an overpriced apartment in a city. Good news: it’s easy to live modestly while looking huge. It’s all about deceiving the eye with three simple concepts: scale, light, and movement.


Choosing the right furnishings is the next step in our small room ideas. Now is the moment to consider scale. Putting furniture against the walls makes a room appear smaller. Leaving space between the walls and furnishings creates an impression of space.
Avoid huge, heavy furnishings. They not only take up too much space in a tiny room, but also draw all attention to one area. Place tall furniture against the wall to prevent breaking up the space.
To make a space appear larger, keep the furniture low to the ground. Leaving additional space above them also helps add height to a low room. A chair like the one below is a great way to keep furniture low in the space. Because it also reveals the legs, it allows for more air and light.


Natural light may help a room appear larger. Remove the blinds and let the light in. If possible, install skylights to let light in from above.
Place a few lamps throughout the room rather than one overhead. Multiple light sources assist produce ambient and even lighting.


Mirrors help reflect and bounce light from windows, making a room appear larger. A mirror on the wall also reflects the view and gives the illusion of more space.


Just as high heels make any woman appear taller, floor-to-ceiling drapery makes any room appear taller.
Another option is to remove curtains, as they add to the visual clutter. If you want drapes, choose light, breezy fabrics for an airy feel.

Artwork and Décor

Your room’s décor can make it appear smaller by cluttering it. No surface of your room needs to be decorated. To make a room appear larger, open up and let it “breathe.” Arrange décor in 3 or 5 item groups on tables or dressers. Putting them on a tray makes them less cluttered.
Using one large piece of artwork instead of a gallery of smaller ones will help expand the space. Place all smaller photos on one wall if you have them.


Clutter destroys small areas. Getting rid of clutter is the number one thing you can do right now to make small spaces appear larger. That doesn’t mean you have to get rid of your treasures; it means hiding them creatively.
This optical illusion is crucial when trying to make a small bedroom appear larger. The bedroom is our safe haven, where we unwind and unwind. Clutter makes it difficult to get a good night’s sleep.