You've noticed that your lips have been getting dark and lost their sparkle lately.

You’ve noticed that your lips have been getting dark and lost their sparkle lately. Healthy eating, exercise, and pricey lip balms aren’t helping. So, how about a home remedy? So, here are some simple home cures to restore the moisture and pinkness of your lips.

Using a sugar scrub 

Your lips may appear paler because of dry, dead skin that accumulates on them. If you want to bring out your natural crimson color, you must first exfoliate your lips in order to expose the young skin beneath. Creating a DIY lip scrub with components you probably already have on hand is a simple solution. What you need to know:

  • You may also use olive oil if you don’t have honey on hand. Mix one teaspoon of sugar with one teaspoon of honey (or olive oil).
  • Apply the mixture to your lips in a circular motion and massage it in.
  • Once your lips are clear of dry skin, rinse and repeat.



Lemon’s bleaching powers help your skin to naturally brighten black lips. Apply lemon juice to your lips before night. Do this for a few months. Alternatively, rub a tiny slice of lemon on your lips, sprinkled with sugar. It will remove dead skin cells and reveal new skin.

Preparation before applying lipstick

Even if you use skin-friendly lip products, you should still prepare your lips to prevent drying out before applying lipstick.

Prime lips with coconut or almond oil. Let it dry completely before adding your favorite lip stain.

Quit smoking to get pink lips

We’re certain that this does not come as a surprise to you at any point. Our lips become black as a result of smoking, which is one of the most prevalent causes. In order to have plumper, more rosy lips, you should refrain from smoking.


Lip massage

The increased blood flow to the region around the lips after a massage may give them the appearance of being pinker. Once a day, use an oil-based lip balm to your lips before you wash your face to keep your lips soft and hydrated. Using the oil as a nighttime moisturizer is also an option.


Remove makeup before bed

Sleeping with your makeup on is bad for your skin in general, and it’s much worse for your lips. Give your lips a light swipe with a makeup-removing wipe before going to bed, even if you don’t have any visible lipstick or product on your lips at the end of the day.


Take vitamin E

In the event that you have vitamin E capsules on hand, you may just cut one open and rub the substance directly onto your lips. Vitamin E stimulates circulation and may aid in the production of new skin cells, making your lips smoother as a result.


Keep yourself hydrated.

Drinking insufficient amounts of water is one of the most prevalent reasons for dry skin. Water is beneficial to your health in a variety of ways, and fuller-looking lips are an extra bonus. Taking eight glasses of water every day is advised.


Medications  with a doctor

If someone suspects a medicine is causing darker lips, they should talk to their doctor. Occasionally, the impact is just transient, and the lips revert to normal following the therapy. Alternative drugs may be available in some circumstances.

Brush your lips.

If your lips are too flaky for a scrub, brush them with a soft-bristled toothbrush. Cover your lips in Vaseline, then gently scrub them with a warm toothbrush. Scrub each part of your lips for 20-30 seconds. After this, your lips will be like new.


Sun-protect them.

Too much sun can cause lip discoloration and black patches. Protect your natural lip color by using a lip balm with SPF. Wear sunscreen all year, especially in the winter when the sun is less intense.



Naturally hydrating, mending, and protecting your lips with coconut oil. Some consumers found the oil difficult to apply, especially when traveling. A recipe can be made more practical by making a bigger quantity and keeping any leftovers.

Also, only use 100% virgin coconut oil. You want to use a product that hasn’t been chemically changed or refined to receive the maximum benefit for your lips.

If you experience any ill effects from using coconut oil or any combination of recipes, see your doctor. If your lips remain dry and chapped, seek medical treatment.