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Rice cooking method to reduce calories

Rice cooking method to reduce calories

Rice is a vital grain. It is a cheap and readily available source of energy in dozens of countries. Rice provides 20% of the world’s nutritional energy. It’s healthy, but its high starch content makes it unsatisfactory
Here’s why that’s a problem, and a simple, surprising technique to lessen rice’s less-healthy qualities.


Rice & Starch

Rice contains the most carbs of all regularly eaten grains. What’s the issue? When starch is eaten, it turns into sugar, which, if not burned, turns into fat.
So it was great news when two Sri Lankan researchers developed a simple cooking process that turns carbs into something potentially healthier.


Coconut oil has a deep impact.

Sudhair James, an undergraduate student at Sri Lanka’s College of Chemical Sciences, discovered that heating rice with a lipid (in this case, coconut oil) and then swiftly cooling it modified the rice’s composition.
The fat added while cooking converted most of the digestible starches (unwanted because they readily turn into sugar) into resistant starches (wanted because they take the body much longer to break down).
This simple additive reduces rice’s calorie content by 10–12% and has the potential to reduce it by up to 50%.

Using This Method


Rice with 1 tsp coconut oil

Coconut oil provides beneficial lipids that can alter the composition of rice’s starch, resulting in a reduction in calorie intake. Rice is made up of both digestible and resistant starches, and coconut oil enhances the resistant starch levels in rice, resulting in fewer calories being digested as a result of the cooking process. Simply bring the water to a boil and then add the coconut oil before adding the rice.


Reheat the Rice

As a result of heating already-cooled rice, the resistant starch content of the rice increases, even more, resulting in a reduction of at least 100 calories per serving. Following the precooking of the rice, allow it to chill in the refrigerator for approximately 12 hours. Then reheat it just before serving it to your guests.


Remove Burnt Taste with Bread

You shouldn’t be concerned if you accidently burn the bottom of the rice — the problem can be simply resolved! Remove the burnt flavor from the rice by placing a piece of white toast on top of it for 10 minutes while it is still hot. Afterward, when you scoop out the rice to cool it, you may simply discard the burnt parts and refrigerate the rice as usual.