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Natural methods for getting silky hair

Natural methods for getting silky hair
getting silky hair

Haircare has gone out the window due to growing pollution and a stressful lifestyle. Getting smooth hair isn’t as difficult as you would assume. Silky hair has strong, smooth follicles that fall in a straight line, devoid of knots and broken ends.

The myth is that silky smooth hair must be straight. But this isn’t the case. Straight, curly, wavy, and oily hair all exist. Any hair type may get silky smooth hair by following our simple DIY silky hair suggestions. For smooth hair, follow these top techniques for frequent washing and conditioning.


Your hair type

This is crucial before trying any home cures. Dry, coarse hair can benefit from extra care, although straight hair may not require as much as curly hair. The straighter your hair is, the simpler it is for natural scalp oils to pass through.

Your hair type may alter as you age due to a reduction in natural oil production. Your hair may also change color depending on the season and climate.


Don’t use hot water

Using hot water on dull or dry hair might cause harm. Instead of hot water, use lukewarm water. Additionally, when you’ve finished conditioning your hair, washing it with chilly water will make it softer and shinier. This will assist in rinsing off any surplus substance without depleting the moisture in the air.


Regular Trims

Regular hair cuts assist maintain the ends smooth by removing split ends that detract from the straightened smooth hair. You must visit your normal salon every 3 months to get your hair trimmed to avoid split ends.

Castor Oil

It promotes hair growth and straightening. Massage castor oil onto moist hair and comb it. Drying with low heat while combing the hair in portions is possible.

Towel dry hair for 30 minutes after blow-drying. Soothe the hair and straighten it. Castor oil is commonly accessible at the market or department shop.


Henna Leaves

This herb is easily accessible at cosmetic stores. Soak it in water overnight, then add lemon and yogurt the next day. Mix thoroughly and apply to hair. Apply little sections of hair strands in a straight line.

Then construct a huge bun by wrapping hair strands. Wear a shower hat. Keep for 2 hours. It’s easily removed with water. Never shampoo the same day. The next day, apply a light shampoo. Exceptional gloss, smooth appearance, and straight look.


Brush Your Hair Regularly

Brushing your hair frequently is one of the easiest home hair care recommendations. Brushing twice a day is advised, once after a morning shower and once before bed. Brushing stimulates oil-producing sebaceous glands. It also helps spread the oil evenly throughout the scalp.

We also lose about 100 hair strands every day. These hair strands often tangle with existing ones, causing hair loss. Regular brushing helps remove stray hair strands. Excessive brushing might have the opposite effect.

Excessive rigorous brushing, especially with plastic brushes, can cause static, leaving hair dry and brittle. Always brush after washing and drying hair. Brush gently from nape to bottom. This is a tried-and-true method for silky smooth hair.


Shampoo Regularly

Shampooing cleans your hair and eliminates debris, filth, and style gel residue. A clean scalp encourages silky hair development. But not all shampoos are created equal. Each shampoo is developed for a specific hair type.
Dry hair requires essential oil-infused shampoo, while oily hair needs clarifying shampoo to eliminate excess oil from the hair strands and scalp. Similarly, if you color your hair, use balancing shampoos to strengthen the colored strands.


Remember To Condition Your Hair

One of the finest hair care suggestions is to use a conditioner after shampooing. An excellent conditioner smooths dry cuticles. But conditioning has many additional advantages.

Conditioner detangles hair and prevents damage and broken ends. The outcome is silky, smooth hair that is strong and nourished. Choose conditioners with Keratin extracts for additional shine and bounce.


Make Use of Cold Water

Water that is too hot for your hair has a propensity to drain away all of the moisture from it. Use cold water to wash your hair instead of hot, as a result of being clever about it. You’ll get a thorough cleaning and conditioning with this. It will keep the moisture in your hair, which will be soft, smooth, and highly silky after use.


Egg Hair PackĀ 

Using this egg conditioning pack, which is high in proteins, lecithin, and fatty acids can help you transform your damaged hair into lustrous and silky hair in no time. It aids in the healing of damaged and dull hair by imparting shine and moisture to the hair.

It also contributes to the strength of your hair strands. Combine one egg, one tablespoon of honey, one tablespoon of cream, and one tablespoon of olive oil to produce a smooth consistency. Using your fingers, apply the mixture to your scalp and let it to dry. Afterward, rinse it well with cold water.


It’s slow going.

Finding products that give you smooth hair takes time and experimentation. The preceding methods might gradually soften your hair. While a hair treatment or plant oil can instantly soften hair, the benefits fade off within a few days unless reapplied.

Other adjustments in your regimen may take several weeks to affect your hair, depending on the degree of dryness or damage.

If your hair is still too dry despite the aforementioned measures, visit your doctor. The absence of self-correcting dryness may suggest an underlying medical problem, such as nutritional deficits.