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How to stay motivated to lose  weight

How to stay motivated to lose  weight
Lose Weight

Maintaining focus on a weight-loss strategy is always the most difficult aspect of the process. While favorable praise might be quite motivating when you first start losing weight, it will eventually wear off. And, given our proclivity to rely on food for emotional support, reverting to old eating behaviors when we’re anxious makes it even more difficult to stay on track.

How do you stay on track in this situation? The following are four weight-loss suggestions:

Think slim

When obese people encounter food, their first thought is always about how it will taste. Slim people, on the other hand, are more concerned with the repercussions — specifically, how fatty would that be? Practice picturing how you’ll feel after ingesting a calorie-dense food to lose weight. Maintain your efforts until this becomes second nature to you. Although it appears to be easy, this shift in perspective has proven to be extremely beneficial.

Eat when hungry

When you eat junk food when you are hungry, you may experience a drop in energy and a need for more food. However, if you include protein in every meal, as well as complex carbohydrates such as whole grains, vegetables, fruits, and beans, you will be able to better regulate your food consumption.

Make fit friends

A recent study discovered that the average body type of the people with whom you associate has an impact on your weight and size. We at HealthifyMe use WhatsApp groups to stay connected and create healthy goals for ourselves and others. This does not imply that you should exclude your overweight pals. Just make sure you’re in touch with folks who are sympathetic to your plight and who can encourage you to continue on your path.

Be flexible

There will be mistakes made. However, this does not imply that you should abandon the plan. A weak moment could cause you to gain back 2 kg after losing 5 kg. Avoid going on a binge at this stage and just throw caution to the wind. Make a metal sliding scale’ in your head that allows for 1-2 kg of fluctuation around your target weight instead, and be prepared to deal with it when it happens.

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