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How to Make Your Sex Life Wonderful 

How to Make Your Sex Life Wonderful 

It takes effort and forethought to improve your sex life. Contrary to popular opinion, this does not have the effect of removing the romance from the situation. Making improvements to your sexual life as a couple might really be an effective method to reinvigorate the romance in your relationship.

Don’t hold your emotions

Angry people are not abnormal. Angry sex isn’t always a bad thing. Uncontrolled rage, on the other hand, stifles sex, trust, and connection. When you’re furious with someone, it can be difficult to feel affectionate or sexually attracted to them. Angry feelings should be dealt with in a healthy way, so don’t hold onto them. It could be as basic as talking about the things that are bothering you in a calm manner.

The help of a therapist or mediator may be necessary in some cases.

Explore your own physicality

Experimenting with masturbation is a safe and comfortable approach to learning about your sexual preferences. When it comes to learning about each other’s bodies, masturbating together can be both pleasurable and beneficial.

Keep it real.

It may be easier to fake an orgasm or your desire than to explain why it didn’t work for you this time. Consider your partner’s sentiments before making a decision that could upset them. Another reason to just get it over with is if you’re tired or unable to shut your mind off. This, on the other hand, may have a negative impact on your relationship’s intimacy as well as your ability to improve your sexual interactions.

It’s normal to feel vulnerable, exposed, or humiliated while discussing your sexual experiences with a partner. It’s a fantastic method to start a discussion about your sexual desires with your partner so that they may be handled.

Don’t scrimp on pre-sex sex.

It’s common in movies for two individuals to look at each other across a room and be ready for sex with only one quick, but intense, kiss.

That rarely happens in real life. When it comes to sex, foreplay is frequently an essential component of the preparation process. You should also pay attention to the type of foreplay you participate in. Assist your partner in figuring out where and how you prefer to be kissed. Talk about the things that pique your interest. Before moving on to the following stage, be sure you have enough of it.

Don’t skimp on the postgame

After you have sex, the time you spend together is just as vital. After having sex, if you instantly fall asleep or leap out of bed and away from your spouse, you’re missing an opportunity to get closer to each other and develop higher levels of closeness.Talking, hugging, or holding each other after sex is a method to show your spouse that they are important to you and that your relationship is valued.

You and your partner’s self-esteem will benefit greatly from this level of intimacy. Setting the stage for better sex in the future also helps.

Sync up on timing

Everyone’s sex life is never the same. You may have sex multiple times a day or week in the early stages of your relationship. Many factors, such as having children, stress, and a busy schedule, might lead to a decrease in the frequency of one’s sex life later in life. As we get older, our libido also changes. Sexting may sound like a turnoff to some, but many couples find it to be an essential part of their relationship that they look forward to.

Setting a mutually agreed-upon timetable is essential. This may necessitate reprioritizing and deprioritizing other things in your life. If one of you prefers to have sex more frequently than the other, compromise may be necessary.

Scheduling sex eliminates the anxiety of one of you constantly rejecting the other when you’re not in the mood.

Set the mood all-day

In the days leading up to a sex-filled night, try to build each other up in anticipation and want. Do this by exchanging sensual letters or photos. Consider reading each other excerpts from a sexy book you both appreciate.

Let your imagination travel to the night’s next events, and you’ll feel more excited and energized.


As long as you and your partner are both comfortable, there is a wide range of sexual activities you can engage in together. These range from the use of toys and erotica to bondage sex, tantric sex, and more. But if you’re looking for happiness in the bedroom, edgy sex isn’t the answer. Having sex in a new location or in a different sort of clothing might be simple ways to spice things up.

As well as oral sex, mutual masturbation, and anal sex, it may also include new positions and types of sex. This is a good experiment in couple’s closeness, given that you discuss and agree on the things you would try.


Good sex life benefits

Sexual enjoyment has several health benefits. Your sex may impact your perks. Among the many advantages are:

  • Working on your sex life can boost desire and libido.
  • Sex releases stress-relieving endorphins.
  • A good sex life might increase your partner’s sentiments of love.
  • People who enjoy sex with their partners are happier and more satisfied with their lives.
  • Sex is a sort of exercise that can benefit the heart.
  • Vaginal intercourse promotes vaginal blood flow and reduces vaginal atrophy.
  • Pelvic floor problems may be reduced by sexing with a vaginal.
  • Ejaculating frequently may help avoid prostate cancer.
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