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Healthy Plum Cake Recipes For The Holidays

Healthy Plum Cake Recipes For The Holidays

Christmas treats are all about plum cake. Making plum cake on Christmas Eve is a ritual in practically every household. Plum cakes are ubiquitous at Christmas parties and bakeries. This rich cake has a mix of sweet, bitter, sour, and nutty flavors. It’s a blend of fruits and nuts steeped in rum, wine, or brandy for days or months before the event. This classic Christmas plum cake uses these components just before the event.
Plum cake is made with dried fruits including prunes, oranges, grapes, and nuts like apricots and walnuts. Plums are not the main ingredient but can be added to the fruit combination. It’s a Christmas tradition, but it’s not good for your diet. Any dessert will do. If you’re thrilled about the festival but also want to eat healthily, bake a healthier plum cake.

Here are a few suggestions for making your plum cake more nutritious:

Avoid Sugar

Sugar should be avoided because it is high in empty calories and provides little nutritional value. Consequently, it would be a fantastic idea to eliminate it entirely and replace it with healthy sweeteners such as honey, agave, stevia, coconut sugar, or brown sugar. Another alternative is to organically sweeten your cake by including additional raisins and ground dates paste – both of which contain natural sugar and are also high in nutrients – in your recipe.

Make It More Nutritious

Plum cake is already loaded with nutrients from the nuts and fruits used in its preparation. By incorporating some seeds into it, you may increase the nutritious content of the dish. Chia seeds, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, and a slew of other seeds can be used to infuse a sense of wellness into your holiday desserts and baked goods.

Use Healthier Flour

In the classic recipe, the plum cake is made with all-purpose refined flour, which is not the most nutritious choice. Making the cake healthier by substituting wheat flour for other flour such as almond flour, quinoa flour, oat flour, coconut flour, or chickpea flour is an excellent approach to achieve this. You will not be disappointed if you try any of these recipes.

Let Go Of Butter

We all know that butter adds a lovely texture and flavor to your plum cake, but we also know that it is not compatible with a balanced eating plan. Instead of butter, use olive oil, coconut oil, or other healthier fats to bake the cake.
This Christmas, you may indulge in your holiday excess without worrying about your health. Make a healthier version of the traditional plum cake for your family and friends, and watch their faces light up as they devour it.



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