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Common causes of masturbation

Common causes of masturbation

Before that, I wrote a post about pornography. This post is about masturbation and I want our youth to read it completely. Prevent watching pornographic videos and masturbating. On the other hand, masturbation has several negative effects. This is a rapidly spreading disease. Our kids are wasting their strength. Watching porn movies is the only reason. Please read the entire article to learn about the causes and repercussions of masturbation.

This task used to be really complex, but it is now very simple. Today, everyone has a smartphone and internet, making this task simple. And the internet has damaged and continues to ruin many lives. If utilized appropriately, it is incredibly beneficial, but if used incorrectly, it is detrimental.

So now we discuss masturbation, its ramifications, and strategies to survive.

Pornographic movies

People have mobile phones in large numbers, according to a study, and 60 percent to 70 percent of the population uses the internet. Because the internet and pornographic materials are both available for free these days, it is impossible to stay away from pornography. The first step in avoiding masturbating is to refrain from visiting any pornographic websites at all. It is one of the most common sources of masturbation in the world.


Reading sex-related articles.

Along with this, some people read sex magazines, which causes them to lose control of their emotions and misuse their power with their hands. As a result, you must refrain from reading such sex periodicals and stories.


Girl’s affair.

Individuals who are in a relationship with girls and who chat to them on the phone overnight have also been found to become victims of masturbation, which has been linked to their sexual orientation. As a result, we should avoid doing all of these activities before getting married.



This may seem strange, but it has been discovered that suffering rejection, particularly from the opposite sex, is one of the causes that motivate people to get addicted to masturbation (and other sexual behaviors).


Fear of Being Intimate

In certain cases, people have developed a fear of intimacy as a result of having had negative experiences with the other sex in their past. Those are the folks who, despite the fact that they are married, develop a masturbation addiction.


Lack of intimacy

True or not. Some people require sex to fill the intimacy void. Many sex-obsessed people lack intimacy. Their parents may have overlooked their needs as youngsters, or they may have never been loved, which increased their unconscious urge for sex. The urge for sex is natural, but when it leads to compulsive masturbation, there is another unfulfilled need this person is seeking to satisfy.


Feeling Socially Isolated

Social disengagement and masturbation dependence are linked. When a person is overly shy, lacks social interaction, or fails to gain approval from other sex members, they may turn to masturbation addiction to satisfy their psychological requirements.
Moods & Life Issues: Some people prefer to avoid problems rather than face them. Masturbation is utilized to escape issues. Folks who masturbate when they are feeling miserable, dejected, or unhappy are those people.


Some other side effects of masturbation

  • The hair on one’s head becomes gray swiftly.
  • Kidneys deteriorate over time.
  • So weak that only the living are left when all is said and done.
  • The husband’s low sperm count prevents the woman from getting pregnant.
  • An overworked digestive system can’t break down food in a timely manner.
  • Power to think has been squandered


How to Prevent Masturbation

  • Maintain a clear head.
  • Stay away from sexually explicit content
  • Avoid using the internet alone and instead, find a friend to sit with.
  • Before you go to sleep, practice wuzoo.
  • Start exercising by joining a gym.
  • Protect yourself against sex-crazed females.
  • Look away from girls you don’t know.
  • Five times in the prayer
  • Please make certain that I will never again engage in the act of masturbation.
  • Be around, good people.

Friends, you have seen what the causes of masturbation are, as well as how our kids are destroying their lives as a result of it. In this piece, I’ve discussed the dangers of masturbation as well as the reasons for it.

As a result, we must protect ourselves from these dangers while also assisting others.We would appreciate it if you would forward this post to your friends and coworkers.